UK’s most tattooed woman reveals that bars have refused to serve her.

A Briton dubbed the nation’s ‘most tattooed woman’ has revealed that she’s been refused service at bars and restaurants as people assume her ink is ‘gang-related’ body art. Becky Holt (pictured), 34, from Cheshire, says she’s even been turned away when a venue has been empty, all because of managers’ judgments of her physical appearance. While she stressed it’s not something that happens very often – she said it was still something she had to be aware of. CONTINUE READING…..

The model has spent more than £35,000 ($436,111) on her tattoos – which cover 95 per cent of her body – including intricately artful designs across her face, neck, armpits and [private parts]. But speaking to Fabulous, she admitted most people were nice ‘to her face,’ adding: ‘It’s online they’ve said I look horrible or have too many tattoos or to avoid CONTINUE READING…..

Becky – who also has a two-year-old daughter – added that she gets frustrated when people ask about how the tattoos will age as the years go by. She remarked: ‘This annoys me because who has good skin at 60, whether you have tattoos or not?’ The influencer explained that her body ink acts as a good conversation starter, as people are curious about the significance and meaning behind the tattoos – as well as how much they hurt. Becky has in past opened up about strangers being ‘really rude’ about her appearance, admitting she was forced to ignore cruel remarks from passers-by who thought she was ‘thuggish.’ Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning in 2021, she revealed her first tattoo was her boyfriend’s name on her crotch when she was only 15 CONTINUE READING…..

Discussing a social experiment for TV where she covered all her tattoos up, Becky said she got more help from people when she appeared without ink, adding: ‘People were just more inclined to help me. It was to see how different people treated me when I asked for questions or for help. And people were really really rude to me when I had tattoos. I think people think it’s a bit thuggish, and are scared of me. It’s like they don’t think I can hear, they will talk quite openly and quite loudly and be really rude about my appearance, it’s my body and my choice and if people don’t like it, I don’t care

Until she was 22, all of the tats were hidden – but after a while Becky, who has 152,000 followers on Instagram, decided to be bolder with her body art. ‘Most painful place was my armpit, I’ve got all my pits, all my crotch, all my intimate area done, that was horrific, but bearable,’ she added.

‘I love to stand out, I love the artwork, I love the time and dedication it takes, so I just went for it and got my body covered. The first big one was on my thigh – it’s Ganesh – but it was still covered, so if you saw me on the street you wouldn’t know I was tattooed. And then I started getting really big ones, ones of my legs, one of my arms. I got the labyrinth movie on my whole leg, which is my favorite film. I’ve got one to my parents, one to my sister, I’m going to get my daughter’s name… but some don’t have meaning

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