Tinubu and others are instructed by CCB to submit paperwork by May 29

Twenty-two days before the presidential inauguration, the Code of Conduct Bureau has said the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; the Vice President-elect, Kashim Shettima and 28 incoming governors must declare their assets before May 29.Continue Reading>>>

Before they are sworn in on June 5th, other officials, such as senators and representatives-elect, are expected to disclose their financial status.

According to the law, the asset declaration is a necessary component of the swearing-in event, the CCB spokesperson, Mrs. Veronica Kato, told The PUNCH in Abuja.Continue Reading>>>

She said that a number of elected politicians had begun obtaining their asset declaration forms at CCB state offices across the country, and that they were required to submit the completed copies to the bureau before the day of the inauguration.

The paperwork for assets declaration will be obtained from the CCB and submitted by the departing officials, including presidential advisers, the 28 state governors and their cabinet members, National Assembly and state assembly members, and local government chairmen, in accordance with the 1999 constitution.

The PUNCH was unable to immediately ascertain whether the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret. ), his vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and other public officials had disclosed their assets in accordance with the law prior to leaving office.

According to the constitution, all public officials must disclose their assets and debts both when they take office and after their terms are up.

The CCB officers are required to verify the declarations.


Failure to disclose assets as required by paragraph 11 of the Fifth Schedule of the Federal Constitution results in removal from office, disqualification from holding any public office, and forfeiture of any property obtained dishonestly or through abuse of office to the state upon conviction.

When asked by The PUNCH how many elected officials had filled out the assets disclosure forms, Kato responded, “We have previously disclosed that the assets declaration is a continuous process. They are currently already getting their forms as they arrive.


“However, because they are receiving the forms from our numerous offices across the country, I am unable to specifically specify the exact number of elected officials who have collected their assets declaration forms or their identities.

The 36 other offices are undergoing the same development as the main office in the Federal Capital Territory. Therefore, we are unable to officially state the total number of people who have picked up or submitted their forms until we are done receiving their full forms and have tallied the statistics.


CCB alerts authorities


The CCB spokesperson stressed that assets disclosure was a part of the inauguration process and warned that any defaulting officials would not be sworn in, according to information acquired by Punch.

No public officer will be inducted into office without completing an assets declaration form, that much is certain. That is what our law says, exactly. Any elected public officials must submit their assets declaration forms before taking the oath of office. According to Kato, it is a prerequisite for the swearing-in ceremony.


She added that as part of the requirements for leaving office, departing public officials had started to select the asset declaration forms.

The departing public officials have also begun picking up their assets declaration forms,” Kato continued. Since officials must fill out the papers and disclose their assets at the beginning and end of their employment, several of them have begun to do so this week.


Before the May 29 swearing-in event, no less than 40 incoming public employees in Ogun State are said to have obtained the assets declaration forms.


The CCB office in Abeokuta is where the forms were allegedly collected by the officers.

This was revealed to our correspondent by a CCB official in the state, who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity since he was not allowed to speak on the situation.


Apart from the newly elected authorities, it was learned that individuals who lost the polls also got the forms.


The source claimed that the assets declaration forms had been obtained by the state’s governor, deputy governor, nine members of the House of Representatives, three senators, and 26 members of the state House of Assembly.

All of them have come to get the forms,” he stated. Even those who weren’t called back (to the office) came to get the forms.


The source stated regarding the submission date, “Some have submitted; they must submit before May 29.”


The insider stated that the Bank Verification Numbers will reveal their bank account information regarding how the CCB validates the assets disclosed by the impacted officials.

Olusegun Rabiu, the state director of the bureau, was unavailable when contacted for comment.


Augustine Alegeh, a senior Nigerian attorney, stated that asset disclosure is typically “part of the taking over processes.”


There are procedures that must be sealed and signed before being sworn in. Along with other documents like the certificate of return, it is filed and signed by the high court before being sworn in, the speaker stated.

According to the constitution, elected politicians must disclose their assets before taking the oath of office, according to Adam Osikwe, SAN.


The constitution states that before they take their oaths of office and allegiance and before they begin performing the duties of that office, he said. The expectation that an elected politician will disclose his assets upon taking office and after four years should be the main point of discussion.

Relevant News

Osikwe pointed out that the CCB framework had several flaws, noting that public officials may buy assets while they were in government and sell them without disclosing them.


For his part, well-known attorney Jiti Ogunye pointed out that it was required by law for public officials to disclose their assets both when they took office and when they left it.

They must declare their assets before taking the oath of office. And that makes sense. Aside from the fact that it is a legal requirement, it also applies both ways. In order to compare the assets they have accumulated from the time they entered office and the time they left, they also report their assets while they are leaving.


The CCB is then supposed to go around and inspect the assets to make sure that what is declared is in line with what is possessed, but almost always that happens after they have entered office, the lawyer said.

He claims that the two former governors are not “newcomers” to laws and governance-related concerns.


The President-elect and Vice President-elect were two-term governors, he declared. They are aware of the legal prerequisites for taking the oath of office, of course. Both parties are aware that they must cooperate and report their assets.


They are not recent arrivals. It is required that they account for what they have. At the Code of Conduct Bureau, they will carry it out. I can assure you that they had to have planned for it. They didn’t win the election by accident, after all.

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