Corruption Prevention Is More Cost-Effective Than Corruption Reduction – ICPC

Because it is more cost-effective, the Independent Corrupt Practises and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has advised Nigerians to concentrate on prevention rather than battling corruption. Godwin Oche, the ICPC’s Resident Anti Corruption Commissioner (RACC) in Anambra State, gave a speech at a gathering of journalists in Awka that was sponsored by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).Continue Reading>>>

Oche emphasised that the media is essential in the fight against corruption, which is the bane of Nigeria’s growth. He stated his willingness to do a systems analysis on the ministries, agencies, and parastatals in Anambra State if requested by the state administration and guaranteed the ICPC’s help in the fight against corruption.

Oche emphasised that the ICPC works with media, schools, and other stakeholders to educate them about corruption and the value of abstaining from it. He emphasised the importance of prevention and said that it should take precedence over investigation and prosecution 60% of the time.Continue Reading>>>

It is the responsibility of the commission to conduct system visits to institutions to review their operations and provide guidance on what comprises and does not constitute corruption. In the few months it has been operating in Anambra state, the commission, according to Oche, has completed a number of tasks, including system visits to important institutions and training sessions.

Dr. Emeka Odogwu, the chairman of the NUJ in Anambra state, promised that journalists would work with the ICPC to fight corruption in Nigeria. In a nation that has struggled to fight corruption, coming in at 149 out of 180 on the 2021 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, the demand for prevention rather than eradication resonates.

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