Plateau Rep. Bagos: Opposition Parties Have A Larger Majority And Are Working Together To Elect A Tenth Speaker

The spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Minority Caucus in the 10th House of Representatives, Dachung Bagos, has spoken out against the nomination of candidates for Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives candidates by the majority All Progressives Congress (APC).Continue Reading>>>

The APC National Working Committee (NWC), on Monday, announced that it had zoned the leadership of the 10th National Assembly.

Channels TV report that, The party revealed that its picks for Senate President and Speaker were Akwa Ibom senator Godswill Akpabio and a member representing Kaduna State, Abass Tajudeen, respectively.Continue Reading>>>

Bagos rejected the nominations and referred to the National Assembly as a “very sacred house” during a live interview on Tuesday’s Sunrise Daily on Channels Television.

Channels TV report that, He claims that the Constitution’s Sections 50(1)(a) and (b) uphold the Lower Chamber’s sanctity. He said that the stated section of the law did not take into consideration nominations by any party “thinking that it is the majority” and that “there shall be a speaker and a deputy speaker to be elected among members”— “by themselves.”

Bagos continued by saying that because to the Green Chamber’s sanctity, only its 360 members were permitted to vote on who would serve as its speaker and deputy speaker.

I belong to the opposition, which is in the majority. Usually, I can’t fathom how some people calculate their political outcomes. You sit down in a room, drink tea, and just assign positions when the minority parties in a House are 183 against your own party’s 177, he added.

We are in the majority; they are not. While we have the majority as minority parties, they have the majority as an independent party. We refer to ourselves as the greater majority because of this.

Channels TV report that, The opposition, according to the deputy chairman of the House Committee on Anti-Corruption, benefits from a “greatness” that results from the minority parties’ numerical advantage, which he claimed made them a “indivisible bloc”.

The minority parties, he said, were “very united,” and they had held their first and second special sessions before the 10th House of Representatives was sworn in in June.

“You would have noticed that we were all there if you had followed us. Because we were confident that the APC would implement its kangaroo arrangement, we even voted before making decisions. We declared, “With our 183, we will run for Speaker of the House and Deputy Speaker of the House,” according to the minority spokesman.

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