The South East shouldn’t include Asiwaju and stop using ethnic sentiments as a cover, says Onoh

Dr. Josef Onoh, the spokesman for the President-elect in the Southeast, has looked at various Igbo groups advocating that the seat of the President of the Senate be changed to the Southeast.Continue Reading>>>

How can you ask for Senate president from the same person you are asking to not be sworn in?” How can we ask for a Senate president when we are agitating to leave Nigeria but our senators and leaders, I think, must sit down to solve these problems?

He said the problem in Nigeria is a political one that requires an experienced politician to redeem the country, noting that Tinubu is better at solving the country’s political problems.Continue Reading>>>

Onoh said the agitators of the South East Caucus of the Senate were among the people who engaged in a grassroots campaign to demand that the president-elect not be sworn in as chairman of the Electoral Petition Tribunal and that the ordinary courts drop the cases against Tinubu.

He said he warned the Igbos about the danger of sentimentality in their political approach, but he was ignored and appointed.

He argued that other ethnic groups in Nigeria sacrificed their time for Tinubu’s good campaign and deserve to get the positions that Ndigbo are seeking. He stressed that the rejection of Ohanaze Ndigbo Tinubu was the main factor that hindered the South East’s trip to the upcoming 10th national congress.

He noted that some activities transcend Tinubu’s personal choices and preferences because there are decisions that require input from party members and other stakeholders; otherwise, they will turn against the elected president. ” The point now is that these strained positions are the decisions of the APC as a whole, and the South East must not put Asiwaju in the middle as if the President-Elect was the final decision, and they are now using ethnic sentiments to hide.

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