Making money in my name is preferable to defrauding people, Kanayo

Popular veteran actor and lawyer, Kanayo O. Kanayo has taken to his official social media handle to react to a comedy skit acted by popular skit makers, Ayomidate and Mr Calculus.Continue Reading>>>

In the video, Ayomidate went to meet Mr. Calculus who was the priest, crying that a certain man snatched his wife and the priest assured him that he will get his wife back.

Then, the priest told him to bring out his phone so he could see the face of the man, and behold, it was Kanayo that snatched his wife. Shocked by the photo, he(the priest) said he can’t do anything about it because the same man(Kanayo) snatched his wife and (the priest) he’s praying to God for help.                      Continue Reading>>>

Due to Kanayo’s spiritual role-playing in the past, many have identified with him and given kudos to his stellar performances in such roles.

Kanayo said people have used his name a lot in skits, adding that it’s better to make money with his name than duping or begging for money. In conclusion, he noted that there’s dignity in creativity

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