Amarachi Amusi : claim she had my own house when I was 27 without the help of an man

Famous Nigerian content creator, Amarachi Amusi who’s best known as Ashmusy on social media have reiterated that she achieved all she had in life without the aide or support of any man. CONTINUE READING…

She said this during an interview with Kingsley Oboro in which she also narrated her upbringing and how she hustled to become successful. CONTINUE READING…

According to Ashmusy, her and her siblings spent 20 years living in a “face me I face you” apartment before she became famous. She also narrated how her mum begged, hawked, and borrowed to ensure that their needs were met.

She said that she left her home at the age of 20 and started her hustle by selling hairs. She also stated that her journey with social media content creation started in 2017 during her NYSC days and she became an owner of houses at the age of 27.

She said;

I left the house when I was 20 years old, it’s just a great thing how seven years later, at 27 I have my own houses…

“I got everything by myself from beginning to end, nobody added a dime, no single man added a dime.”

She also added that those who questioned how she made her income doesn’t know her story or how she grew and hustled from scratch. When asked about what she’ll never do for money, she said that she has never slept with a man or sell her body for money and she would never do it.

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