Unlike Obi-Shehu Sani, Asiwaju, Atiku, and Buhari never apologize for the behavior of their supporters

In a recent statement on his verified Twitter account, Senator Shehu Sani made a thought-provoking observation about the contrasting attitudes of prominent political figures in Nigeria. According to Sani, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, and Muhammadu Buhari never denounce or apologize for the actions or statements made by their supporters.Continue Reading>>>

On the other hand, Peter Gregory Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, continuously finds himself apologizing and disassociating from the words and deeds of his followers.

This stark contrast raises questions about the dynamics of political leadership. Sani implies that leaders like Tinubu, Atiku, and Buhari possess a steadfastness that allows them to stand by their supporters, regardless of any perceived missteps. They choose not to denounce or apologize for the actions of their followers, perhaps believing that such actions are beyond their control or not representative of their beliefs.Continue Reading>>>

In contrast, Peter Gregory Obi’s approach appears more cautious and reserved. He consistently apologizes and distances himself from the words and actions of his supporters, possibly due to a desire to maintain a pristine public image or out of a sense of responsibility for the conduct of his followers.

As Nigerians navigate the complexities of the political landscape, they will undoubtedly scrutinize the actions and approaches of their leaders. Whether they lean towards unwavering loyalty or embrace a more apologetic path, it is the responsibility of these leaders to navigate the challenges and demands of their respective movements with wisdom and integrity.

He said, “Asiwaju, Atiku & Buhari never denounce or apologize for whatever their supporters say or do. Peter keeps apologizing & disassociating. If U keep moving on this apologetic path, you will kill the libido of your movement. You sparked a fire, embrace the inferno with courage.”

While Sani’s statement sheds light on the differing approaches, it also raises an intriguing question: does embracing the fire and showing courage in the face of criticism and controversy strengthen a political movement, or does it risk alienating the public and diminishing its support?

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