We Didn’t Decide to Come Back, God Made It Happen – Psquare

The dynamic duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, famously known as the Psquare brothers, have recently opened up about the profound impact their reunion has had on their financial habits. CONTINUE READING….

After a bitter split in 2017 stemming from a dispute regarding the managerial role of their elder brother, Jude Okoye, the musical powerhouse made amends and triumphantly staged their first headline concert in December of 2021.

Peter had previously expressed his frustration with fans who incessantly compared and pitted them against each other, attributing their conflicts to external influences. Conversely, Paul attributed the breakup of Psquare in 2017 to familial issues rather than musical differences. CONTINUE READING…..

In a recent conversation with Larry Madowo on CNN’s African Voices Changemakers, the talented twins delved into the positive changes that have transpired since their reconciliation, highlighting their newfound focus on investing in their businesses rather than indulging in lavish luxury expenditures.

Reflecting on their journey, the brothers acknowledged that conflicts are an inevitable part of any group dynamic, even among siblings. They emphasized their humanity and asserted that despite the disappointment experienced by their loyal fans, it is natural for individuals to undergo personal challenges. CONTINUE READING….

The twins expressed gratitude for the serendipitous nature of their reunion, attributing it to a higher power and an inherent desire for positive transformation.

“What happened is this, if you know anything that happens in a group, it’s the same thing. (Even though we are brothers) it doesn’t change the fact that we are humans. And irrespective of how people wanna look at it, the fans were disappointed, but we are humans. It’s normal,” they said.

“We didn’t decide (to come back together) God made it happen. It became normal. We always going to look for that wind of change.

“Sometimes when things happen, always take the positive part of it and drop the negative parts. Why I said so is that I become more industrious.”

Peter emphasized the invaluable lessons he gained from his solo ventures, speaking proudly of the numerous companies he now owns. He went on to reveal his ambitious plans of establishing the largest casino in Africa within the next couple of years, highlighting their collective involvement in the real estate sector.

Paul, on the other hand, candidly shared that during his solo career, he predominantly splurged on extravagant jewelry pieces. However, with their reunion came a newfound sense of financial responsibility, prompting him to allocate their growing wealth more wisely.

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