How A Man Used A Microphone To Express His Sadness Following the Viewing Of The Film “The Great Mistake – Bamiloye”

The Founder and the President of The Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye in his recent post on Facebook shared a message to the public.Continue Reading>>>

While speaking on Losing the gift for not using it, the cleric reportedly stated that “Many years ago, when we had just produced our movie titled “THE GREAT MISTAKE”, we had a drama workshop and many drama ministers were invited from various churches. It was a very impactful seminar and Workshop at the end of which many people were asking questions during the Questions Time. Then a young man rose from the third row close to the front and took the microphone. He said he was not standing up to ask any question, but to express that he was at the saddest moment of his life. We all wondered what he meant.

Speaking further Bamiloye said “The young man further stated that The new movie of Mount Zion: “The Great Mistake” is great, and it will give many people divine directions in life, but that movie was the greatest sadness of his life. Then, he explained further: He had written a play about a year before then, which he intended to shoot into a movie. But he had kept shifting it forward and postponing the film shooting until he pushed the entire idea beside him. Then, he bought the new movie of Mount Zion and watched it with astonishment. The exact message in Mount Zion’s “Great Mistake” was the exact message in the script he had procrastinated for a long and abandoned. He began to lament and regret that if he went ahead to shoot the movie now, won’t people conclude that he had copied Mount Zion’s film? Continue Reading>>>

Speaking further Mike Bamiloye said “That was when we understood his sadness. It was understandable. That was the evil of Procrastination and negligence of God’s gifts and grace. Remember the Parable of the Talents. the ones that were given 5 talents traded with them and gained five more talents, so also were the ones given two talents. They gained two more talents with it. But the one that was given one talent went ahead to bury the talent by not using it. He gained nothing. No profit from his gift. Probably because it was JUST ONE GIFT. So at the coming of the Master, He was furious with the Unprofitable Servant. He ordered that the Unused Talent be taken from him and given to the man who had gained five extra talents.

So, the man who had had 10 talents now had one more with it, making eleven Talents in total. so, the man who had got one talent now had nothing in his hand.


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