Actress Bimbo Ademoye Explains Why She Won’t See Her Ex Again

Renowned Nigerian movie star, filmmaker, and creative producer Bimbo Ademoye has disclosed the rationale behind her decision never to contemplate going back to her former romantic relationship.Continue Reading>>>

Bimbo Ademoye affirms that revisiting her past lover is tantamount to forsaking Jesus and embracing Satan.

The actress made this revelation in a humorous clip she posted on her Twitter account not long ago.Continue Reading>>>

In the footage, Bimbo can be observed gyrating to the beat of the song “How can I leave Jesus to follow Satan?” after being asked how she would react if her former lover attempted to reconcile. She later titled the video, “I have entrusted everything to God.”

Bimbo Ademoye’s social media post evoked a diverse range of responses, with a significant number of her admirers commending her resolution, whereas others felt that it was not a significant issue to return to one’s former partner.

Furthermore, Bimbo Ademoye, who is purportedly in a romantic relationship with media personality VJ Adams, elicited some amusing reactions with her birthday greetings to her alleged boyfriend.

Bimbo’s post caused a series of humorous responses from her admirers, who appear to be aware of her purported romance with the media personality. In a jesting manner, several individuals opined that the two are genuinely siblings based on her post.


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