I loved having Peter Obi visit yesterday, Charly Boy says in the year 2023

Peter Gregory Obi, a presidential aspirant for the Labour Party in Nigeria, recently paid a visit to Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charlie Boy, at his Lagos apartment. The visit was prompted by concerns about Charlie Boy’s health, which Peter Obi expressed in a statement on his official Twitter page. During the visit, Peter Obi prayed for Charlie Boy’s speedy recovery.Continue Reading>>>

After the visit, Charlie Boy made a statement revealing that many people are surprised to learn that he is actually older than the previous governor of Anambra state. He went on to share that his first son, who is an associate professor at MIT Boston, recently turned 52 years old. This information sheds light on Charlie Boy’s age and family background.

It is noteworthy that Charlie Boy is an award-winning artist in Nigeria, known for his unique style and outspoken nature. His popularity has earned him a large following on social media, where he often shares his views on political and social issues in the country. Peter Obi’s visit to Charlie Boy’s home highlights the importance of showing concern for others, regardless of their status or background.Continue Reading>>>

In conclusion, the visit by Peter Obi to Charlie Boy’s Lagos apartment is a testament to the power of human connection and empathy. It is heartening to see individuals in positions of power taking the time to show care and concern for others, especially during times of need. Charlie Boy’s statement about his age and family also provides insight into his personal life, adding depth to his public persona as an artist and social commentator.

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