When I claimed that no Igbo judges were on the tribunal panel, some Yorubas insulted me—Disu

A veteran journalist and public affairs commentator named Jimi Disu reportedly took aim at the judicial system on Youtube after learning that the five-member panel of the Appeal Court that will rule over the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal did not include a judge from Nigeria’s southeast. After reading the biographies of the court justices, Disu voiced his displeasure on a Nigeria Info FM programme on Tuesday morning. Continue Reading>>>

On the same show on Thursday morning, Mr. Disu expressed his regret at the insults he had received from certain Yorubas who had accused him of bias because he had advocated for a judge from the Southeast to be included on the Election Tribunal Panel.

I just don’t know how the Southeast is going to organise itself to gain a share of the leadership roles that are already being given by the new government,” he said. I must say that the Southeast has not had a good eight years. People are always curious as to what my ties are to the area. My dream is to see Nigeria become a place where everyone can thrive and share in its abundance. If Nigeria is successful and secure, we all win. Continue Reading>>>

“It is the same issue,” he continued, “when people went on a binge shortly after this broadcast on Tuesday because I noticed that there was no Igbo judge on the Presidential Election Tribunal Panel.” A few Yorubas emerged from the shadows and began to curse me. On that particular day, though, all I said was the honest truth. We can’t pretend to be something we’re not. Harmony is essential. Still, I think the Southeast’s political scene could use some tidying up. The Igbo people, too, need to perfect the art of self-promotion.

Despite the worries, for the next 180 days or less, the five-judge panel from the Appeal Court will continue to preside over the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. The panel’s conclusion should be impartial and grounded in reason, regardless of the judges’ racial identities.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/live/CPknKJ97lAc?feature=share


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