You won’t work in vain; instead, your efforts will lead to success and honor

Kenneth Okonkwo, a prominent Nigerian actor and lawyer, recently took to his Twitter handle to express his support for Hilda Effiong, a Nigerian chef who is attempting to break the Guinness world record for the longest cooking marathon. Okonkwo, who described her as “proudly Nigerian,” commended Hilda Effiong for her hard work and dedication, and expressed his belief that she would be successful in her endeavor.                      Continue Reading>>>

In his tweet, Okonkwo emphasized the importance of labor and the dignity that comes with it. He encouraged Hilda Effiong not to give up, reminding her that she would not labor in vain and that her efforts would lead to victory and glory. He also assured her that God was on her side and that Nigerians were praying for her.

Breaking a world record is never an easy feat, and Jepchumba’s attempt is no exception. It requires immense physical and mental stamina, as well as meticulous planning and preparation. However, her determination and passion for cooking have driven her to take on this challenge, and her hard work has already inspired many people around the world.Continue Reading>>>


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