Osinbajo urges people to portray Nigeria in a positive manner.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has urged Nigerians to project the country’s image in good light and push narratives of aspirations, dreams and hopes.

In a statement, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo’s spokesperson, said the vice-president spoke in Abuja at the formal presentation of a book written by Arukaino Umukoro, a Nigerian journalist.

The book is a collection of poems on nationhood, faith, life and humanity.

Osinbajo was quoted as saying that “a big part of nation-building is talking up your nation”. CONTINUE READING….

He said Nigerians must give the best impression of the country.

“When we get home, we can criticize ourselves, but we must talk up our country; what are the narratives that we push about Nigeria?” the Vice-President asked. CONTINUE READING…

“The stories of nations written by others focus on their own agendas, the agendas of the authors; the negatives, of course, sell more and much faster, we must tell our own stories.

We belong to one side, and that side is the Nigerian side. Someone was talking about Arsenal a few moments ago, that Arsenal would win this premier league.

“Because that’s our side. We take the side; they may not be the best, they may not win all the time, but that’s our side; this country is our side.

“Our stories must be stories of our aspirations, our dreams and our hopes, planted on the successes of our journey and the future of great hope, because we have incredible talents and material resources, and already on that journey, we are very far ahead.

“And I think the poem– Imagine Nigeria– which is in the book, captures the story we want to tell the world.”

Osinbajo congratulated the author for delivering a wonderful set of poems.

“Sometimes, we have to reflect when you read Umukoro’s poetry; you have to think again and reflect,” he said.

“I am overwhelmed by the achievements of Umukoro; we have heard about all the awards he has won

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