Seun Kuti boasts in an old video, “I’ve slapped many policemen

Seun Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti, the master of Afrobeat, is seen in a video bragging about slapping a police officer. Although the exact date the recording was taken is unknown, Seun was heard admitting that he has slapped numerous police officers due to who he is.Continue Reading>>>

He said, “Some of una police go slap una, una go come Instagram to explain. You know how many police I don tear slap?” he asked in pidgin. They say because you be Fela pikin. You no know say na because Jesus be God pikin e fit die for you? You must know who you are before you make your move. So, I make my move because I know who I am…,”

According to a report from Daily Trust, Usman Alkali Baba, the IGP of the police, ordered Kuti’s arrest after he was seen punching a police officer who was on duty. The rapper responded to the news on Saturday night through Instagram Story, saying the policeman had tried to kill him and his family.         Continue Reading>>>

Additionally, he asserted that the police officer had shown regret and been absolved. He attempted to kill me and my family, Kuti alleged. I have the evidence, but I don’t pursue influence. He has expressed regret, and I have decided not to file any charges. Make the poor man not lose his job by not minding your business.

The musician responded to the warrant for his arrest by saying he approved of the inquiry. I look forward to the investigation and will cooperate fully! I also ask the IG to indict everyone who is at fault, he added.

The news comes just a few weeks after music icon Habeeb Okikiola, nicknamed Portable, was detained for intimidating a few police officers. Following his arrest before a magistrate’s court in Ifo Local Government Area, Portable was transported to Ilaro Prison until the completion of his bail condition. Portable was first apprehended at the police headquarters in Ogun State

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