Why Saint Lucia barred me from performing: musician Joeboy

Joeboy, a well-known stage name for Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, a Nigerian musician, has explained why he was recently denied permission to perform in Saint Lucia.    Continue Reading>>>

The ‘Faaji’ crooner was scheduled to sing at a gathering on the Caribbean island nation, but the event was called off in the middle of the performance.

On Sunday morning, Joeboy posted to his Instagram account to explain that he was unable to perform because his DJ used profanity.Continue Reading>>>

The 25-year-old said that neither he nor his group knew that such a law existed in the country.

He stated, “I was unable to perform today owing to complications with the organizers. Although I did my best to give you the best performance today, my set was interrupted, and the DJ was removed from the stage.


Because he said, “Make some f*cking noise,” my DJ was removed from the stage. There was no note telling us not to use any expletives on stage.

He stated that if they insisted on performing, the organizers threatened to have him and his group jailed.


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