Did the ‘president-elect’ win the election in accordance with the Constitution? — Nwokobia

Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Council member Professor Chris Nwaokobia said APC’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu failed to win the election as required by the Nigerian constitution.Continue Reading>>>

According to Professor Interviewed by Arise TV this morning, Nwaokobia said:

“What we are asking is whether the person elected as president won the presidential election, and as the Constitution says, the answer is a capital no. When we talk about our democracy, democracy must be based on the rule of law. Democracy is not about wishes or nothing, but about establishing a government based on the will of the people expressed through the electoral system.                   Continue Reading>>>

Now that Nigerians voted on February 25 and a man was declared president-elect on March 1, did he comply with the provisions of the electoral law? Did he comply with the Nigerian constitutional provisions within seconds? 134? So what should we do? do you swear? The judge must decide.”


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