I need a husband, i am single lady she says

Women desire to get married mostly because they support and subscribe to the idea of creating a life with the person they love. In some cases, CONTINUE READING…

people seek to follow in their parents’ footsteps, while in other instances, people seek to avoid the mistakes that their parents made in their marriages in order to build a successful union for themselves. Then there are other, more pragmatic explanations, such tax benefits and joint property purchases. But in the end, it all comes down to the desire to commit to one another in order to forge a lasting and fulfilling relationship. CONTINUE READING..

Then there are reasons linked to a person’s religion. Many people don’t believe in sex before marriage, and many people don’t believe in having children with a person that is not their spouse. There is also pressure from the family to take into consideration. Oftentimes, a person’s parents will want them to get married so that they can settle down and start a family.

Those are just some of the reasons women tend to get married, speaking of marriage it brings me to this lady, although it is unclear what her reasons are for wanting a husband, she posted on social media that she is single and in need of a husband this caused a stir on social media with some claiming she looks troublesome.

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