Not a hint of irritability in Barcelona

Barcelona reined supreme in the Catalan capital on Monday after the team went out to celebrate their La Liga title in the streets of Barcelona. However, one important figure was sorely missed. Continue Reading>>>

After Xavi Hernandez confirmed that Gerard Pique was going to be invited to celebrate with the squad, the cameras were poised to find the ex-player. The former Barca centre-back did not appear on the team’s open-top bus.

He was, however, where he always is – in the box at the Cupra Arena to enjoy the second matchday of the Kings League. The former Barcelona midfielder, who also won the title with the club, preferred to celebrate away from the spotlight. Continue Reading>>>

He might have been part of the celebrations on Sunday night at the Carpe Diem nightclub, where Neymar was spotted with Barca, having days off from PSG to meet and celebrate with his former teammates.

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