There are individuals inside Aso Rock who are tampering with Muslims’ fate out of greed, according to Hayab

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has strategically chosen a Muslim-Muslim ticket to ensure victory in the upcoming 2023


Presidential election. However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential implications of having leaders from the same faith in key positions, such as the Senate Presidency and the Deputy Senate Presidency. Senator Kashim Shettima recently expressed his belief that this scenario could fuel speculations of an Islamization agenda.

In response to the Vice President-elect’s comments, Reverend John Joseph Hayab, the Chairman of the Kaduna State CAN, shared his thoughts. He acknowledged the APC’s successful implementation of their plan and their victory in the election. However, he cautioned the party against complaining if leaders from another religion were to hold all the top positions. Reverend Hayab emphasized the importance of embracing diversity, promoting fairness, and ensuring equality for all ethnic groups and religions in the country. He firmly stated that the fight for justice revolves around providing equal opportunities for every tribe and faith.

Quoting Reverend Father Joseph Hayab’s exact statement, he said, “There are people inside Aso Rock, toying with the destiny of Muslims because of greed.” “When we see danger, we must speak up. We gave the warning, but they dismissed it, saying ‘religion doesn’t matter.’ Hypocrisy is a significant problem in Nigeria. If they wish to hold all the positions, let them, but if we were to have another religion, tribe, or region dominating all the top positions, no one should complain. Our aim is to promote a united country where fairness and justice prevail, yet they accused us of telling the truth. We will monitor their actions.” CONTINUE READING….

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