Buhari should not allowed the CBN governor to leave the nation, according to Governor Bello Matawalle

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The alleged study leave given to Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has been resisted by Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle. Rumor has it that the President granted the CBN governor’s application to continue on a study leave.

In response to the story, Matawalle stated that Emefiele did not deserve to take such a leave of absence owing to his monetary strategy, which he referred to as; a disastrous naira swap policy that subjected Nigerians to untold hardship. The governor, who urged Buhari to give up his leave in order to ensure a smooth transfer of power, also said that the president should be angry with anyone who tries to undermine the wonderful work he has done. Emefiele must provide an account of his term before leaving the country, according to Matawalle.Continue Reading>>>

He stated; A flawless, orderly, and peaceful transition of power to the new administration has been demonstrated by President Buhari and his wife, Aisha Buhari, in good faith. I applaud President Buhari and his wife for acting in a statesmanlike manner because this is the correct thing to do.

Other government employees, though, have behaved differently. They act as though they want to make things difficult for the incoming government. President Buhari shouldn’t permit this. Any attempt to undermine the wonderful work he has done should be met with a scowl from him.

I wish to firmly advise President Buhari not to provide any officers who are essential to the launch of Aswaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s forthcoming administration any study leave or other type of leave, starting right now. In the interest of a smooth transition of power, accountability, and good governance, the President should revoke the leave if it has been approved, as reported in the media.

The country’s financial and monetary systems were managed under the direction of CBN Governor Emefiele. He is responsible for the recent devastating naira swap policy, also known as the naira confiscation scheme, which caused tremendous suffering and agony for Nigerians as well as a decline in our economy.

I, along with two of my brother governors, fought tenaciously until we secured a reprieve for our people from Emefiele and company by suing the Federal Government over this misguided policy. About 10 months left in his employment, the same Emefiele wants to continue on study leave, ostensibly in an effort to avoid having to give accounting. This must change.

The actions of President Buhari should not be tolerated. Emefiele needs to continue working so that he can take complete responsibility for all that happened while he was in charge to the new government. Given that he still has a few months left in his term, he must respond to whatever inquiries the next administration may have. Although I wouldn’t want to mention their names here, I am aware that several members of the outgoing government are making preparations to covertly leave the nation at this crucial time when they are required to provide detailed answers.

They have an outrageous and unpatriotic plan, and President Buhari shouldn’t follow it. These strategies are sinister and harmful. They make it abundantly evident that these police are hiding something. This needs to stop immediately.

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