China requests that embassies not engage in “political propaganda” in favor of Ukraine

China has asked foreign embassies and international organizations located in Beijing to refrain from using the facades of their buildings for “political propaganda”, apparently due to Ukraine’s support, according to various diplomatic sources told the Japanese agency Kyodo. Continue Reading>>>

In a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dated May 10, China explains that the objective of this claim is “to avoid causing conflicts between States”, while there are several foreign diplomatic buildings with Ukrainian flags and messages of support for this country on the façade of their headquarters.

Likewise, the notice also reminds these legations that they are obliged to “follow Chinese laws”, although Beijing has ratified the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, by virtue of which it respects diplomatic immunity. Continue Reading>>>

Among these embassies are those of Canada, Germany and Poland. The measure has not been liked at all among some of the diplomatic missions present in Beijing and, as a European source has advanced, there is no justification for restricting the expression of a State and, therefore, they will not comply with these demands.

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