Abdulaziz Yari stated, “Tinubu & The CJN Are From The South-West And Akpabio Is Also From The South-South

The Zoning arrangement being made by the All Progressive Congress has caused the Senate Presidency to be zoned to the South-South. The APC in its wisdom had claimed that they have to zone the Senate Presidency to a Christian in the South-South to silence the fears over the rumored Islamization agenda.Continue Reading>>>

The Former Governor of Zamfara and Senator-elect, Abdulaziz Yari has however argued that it’s not fair to have the South presiding over the top three arms of government in the country.

He argued that it is not fair that the North is not occupying a top position in these top three seats.Continue Reading>>>

He stated further that the North still has not understood the basics of the Zoning made by the APC leadership. According to him, there has to be fairness in the arrangement of offices and the parliament should be allowed to determine its leadership.

He said, ”If the APC decides to zone, we ask them questions. On what basis, how do you base your zoning? Have you taken the federal character into cognizance? How fair is it that Tinubu and the Chief Justice of Nigeria are from the South-West, and Akpabio is also from the South-South? Three arms are in one zone for a decade.

The next Chief Justice of Nigeria is also going to be from the South-West. Precisely in October, and she’s going to be there for ten years. Since the return of democracy, these kinds of thing has not happened. All these there arms in the Southern Part of the Country, how could that be fair? There are so many issues that need to be understood and see how they can be corrected.’


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