An advertisement from ten years ago by Joyce Maina has gone viral once more.

Joyce Maina recorded a video in which she explained the backstory of how the ‘Nime-Chill’ advert came into existence. Continue reading to discover more CONTINUE READING…

Kenyan actress Joyce Maina has been compelled to address an advertisement video that resurfaced online on TikTok, gaining significant attention in the process.

The advert, which advocated for abstinence and targeted high school students, was aired on television screens in 2012. However, it has now found new life on a different platform.

Joyce found herself unexpectedly featured in the video and had to explain that she had no idea what her future would hold a decade later.

Joyce, a former ‘Chat Spot’ presenter on Switch TV, began her narration by stating that a friend had urged her to try her luck in securing a role in the advert. However, she was initially reluctant and not interested in pursuing it

At the time of shooting the ad, Joyce Maina had recently finished her high school studies and initially had no intention of appearing on screen.

It was only after the third request that she finally agreed to audition, hoping to test her luck.

Joyce recollected that the casting directors were specifically seeking young-looking ladies, possibly around the age of 15 or 16.

Due to her petite physique, she appeared younger and the advert directors had no option but to give her a chance to see what she was capable of

When I walked into the room, I locked eyes with a mzungu who was the director and he stared at me and I wondered if I was in the wrong place. He ordered I be given a school uniform and I went and did the screen test. The rest is history!” Joyce explained. READ MORE

With a cheerful tone, Joyce continued to express that it has been nearly 10 years since she shot the commercial.

Reflecting on that time, she acknowledged that even then, while filming the commercial, she understood that she was meant to follow that path after interacting with cameras.

Joyce Maina expressed her gratitude towards everyone she has ever interacted with throughout her journey

She struggled to fully comprehend the fact that it has already been 10 years since she made her initial appearance on TV.

Joyce is genuinely delighted that people have been sharing the video with her on her social media platforms, and she expressed deep appreciation for the support she has received.

In conclusion, she emphasized the value of looking back and acknowledging one’s journey, remarking on the changes that have occurred in the industry over time.

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