Chris Nwaokobia says it’s important to consider Abuja residents’ rights

A contentious issue arising from the last presidential election in Nigeria is the requirement in section 134 of the constitution, which mandates the winner of the presidential election to secure 25 percent of the votes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.Continue Reading>>>

Some individuals residing in Abuja have taken legal action to prevent the inauguration of the elected president on May 29, arguing that the rights of Abuja voters need to be respected.

Professor Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia, the leader of the group, emphasized that their objective is to ensure that the president is elected in accordance with the constitution and not through deceit or manipulation.Continue Reading>>>

They are calling for a proper interpretation of section 134 and the consideration of the rights of Abuja residents before the swearing-in of any president.


Professor Nwaokobia stressed the importance of having a president who is genuinely elected rather than being selected or imposed. The group is determined to uphold the principles of fairness and democratic processes.

Their legal representatives have presented arguments supporting their cause, and they plan to return to court on the 18th to pursue their case further. By insisting on the proper interpretation of section 134 and advocating for the rights of Abuja residents, they aim to ensure that the election results accurately represent the will of the people and that the democratic process is upheld.

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