Famous Professor Rukevwe Discusses Election Hacking and Rufai’s Tough Questions

During an interview with Arise News, Professor Rukevwe Ugwumba, who is an APC chieftain in Delta State, commented on the tough and difficult questions that Oseni Rufai, an Arise TV anchor, asksContinue Reading>>>

Rufai had asked Professor Rukevwe to share with Nigerians how the PDP used to rig elections in Delta state when she was with them. This was because Professor Rukevwe had earlier confessed that when she was a part of the PDP, they used to rig elections.

Rufai’s question prompted Professor Rukevwe to remark, “Rufai, you always ask a tough questions.” She then went on to clarify that although she was aware of the rigging that took place in Delta state, she did not participate in it.Continue Reading>>>

Rufai then interrupted her to ask why she had not spoken out about it at the time, to which Professor Rukevwe responded by stating that she was not a part of the rigged elections.

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