Murphy Afolabi: Actress Toro slams colleagues for their hypocrisy

Nigerian thespian Toro Aramide has expressed her outrage towards certain individuals in her profession whom she labeled as ‘hypocrites.’Continue Reading>>>

Taking to Instagram, Toro Aramide criticized several actors in the Nollywood industry for sharing pictures of a fellow actor .

upon their demise while failing to display a similar level of enthusiasm during his birthday celebrations just days before his death.Continue Reading>>>

The performer emphasized that this kind of unpredictability is among the factors that discourage her from cultivating friendships within the entertainment field.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, he celebrated his birthday, and the majority of these individuals didn’t even bother to extend a simple birthday wish, let alone share his pictures. This is the height of hypocrisy.”

Whether you choose to despise me or not, that’s entirely your problem. I simply know how to focus on my own affairs. Hypocritical individuals are pervasive.”

This development follows shortly after the news of Murphy Afolabi’s death was shared with his numerous fans and fellow professionals, who have been expressing their condolences to the filmmaker through various social media platforms.

Afolabi, after a brief illness, tragically passed away on Sunday morning, May 14, and collapsed at his home in the Ikorodu region of Lagos State. His burial took place on Monday

It is worth noting that Murphy Afolabi departed from this world only nine days after commemorating his 49th birthday on May 5. Nollywood luminaries proclaimed Sunday a day of mourning as the film industry suffered consecutive losses of other actors.

Numerous individuals utilized their social media timelines to express their grief by sharing somber images in remembrance of the late Murphy Afolabi. The demise of actor Murphy Afolabi came as a jolting surprise to many.

The details of his funeral were disclosed by Bimpe Akintunde, who indicated that he would be laid to rest at his residence in Lagos State.

The funeral ceremony commenced with the transportation of his body from Isolo to his Ikorodu home for burial.

Videos circulating on the internet documented the poignant scene as the actor’s lifeless body was conveyed in a casket to Ikorodu, where he eventually found his eternal resting place.


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