Nigerians could perish from famine, the governor of Benue warns

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has expressed concerns about the impact of insecurity in Nigeria on food production and warned that it could lead to a severe food crisis and potential deaths.Continue Reading>>>

During a visit to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sabo Nanono, Governor Ortom highlighted how the insecurity situation has hindered farmers from cultivating their crops, leading to a decline in food production. He emphasized that the ongoing attacks by bandits and other criminal elements in agricultural areas could result in food scarcity and hunger.


Governor Ortom urged the Federal Government to take immediate action in addressing the security challenges across the country. He stressed the need for swift measures to protect the lives and property of citizens, as without adequate security, farmers are unable to go to their farms, leading to food shortages and increased hunger.Continue Reading>>>

The Governor also highlighted the efforts made by his administration to support agriculture in Benue State and ensure food security. He called on the Federal Government to provide assistance to states in their initiatives to boost food production and enhance security measures.


Minister Sabo Nanono reassured Governor Ortom of the Federal Government’s commitment to addressing the security situation in the country. He acknowledged the importance of improving security and promoting agriculture to ensure food sufficiency in Nigeria. The government is working towards enhancing security and supporting agricultural development nationwide.

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