View the Moment In an effort to take over Obi’s case, Apapa was escorted out of court by Obi’s supporters

Peter Obi and the National Chairman of Labour Party, Julius Abure, appeared in court today for the hearing on the petition filed against the President-Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, regarding the election that produced him.Continue Reading>>>

As the proceedings unfolded, drama ensued when the factional leader of Labour Party, Lamidi Apapa, arrived at the court and attempted to take over Peter Obi’s Tribunal Case.

In a video trending online, Peter Obi’s supporters, known as the Obidients, were seen booing and chasing Lamidi Apapa out of the court.Continue Reading>>>

The police officers present at the scene had to escort Lamidi Apapa out of the court to prevent him from being attacked by the crowd. The incident occurred when Lamidi Apapa attempted to sit on the seats reserved for Labour Party members and was prevented from doing so.


Lamidi Apapa has been claiming to be the Acting National Chairman of Labour Party, and he even gave Peter Obi’s lawyers a 48-hour ultimatum to brief him on court proceedings, or he would replace them with his own lawyers. The incident has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many condemning Lamidi Apapa’s actions and praising Peter Obi’s supporters for standing up for him.


The incident has raised concerns about the state of Nigeria’s political scene and the role of factions in political parties. It is important for political leaders to focus on building unity within their parties rather than engaging in divisive actions that could lead to violence. As the election petitions continue, it is crucial for all parties involved to maintain civility and respect for due process.


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