“Apapa Is Playing A Very Dangerous Game Against Youths Who Are Angry” – Etok

In the wake of the mob action that was carried out on Alhaji Lamidi Bashiru Apapa at the premises of the Election Petitions Tribunal on Wednesday, renowned politician, and public affairs commentator, Ezekiel Nya Etok has urged the self-proclaimed Labour Party National Chairman to be wary of the over-arching consequences of his actions. Continue Reading>>>

Recall that while attempting to exit the court premises on Wednesday, Apapa, who had stormed the Election Tribunal with members of his faction, was mobbed by a crowd of irate youths who accused him of attempting to scuttle the petition filed by the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi.

Reacting to the incident during an interview on PLUS TV a few hours ago, Etok, who contested in the March 18 governorship election in Akwa Ibom State on the platform of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), pointed out that judging by what transpired outside the courtroom on Wednesday, Apapa might be playing a very risky game against millions of youths who are presently frustrated and traumatized by the failures of government and the Nigerian political system.Continue Reading>>>

According to the renowned analyst, the self-proclaimed Labour Party National Chairman should drop whatever agenda he is pursuing and allow the Election Tribunal to focus on the petitions at hand or risk putting himself in harm’s way.


He said; “On the issue of Lamidi Apapa, I think the relatives of that man, if they love him, should tell him to tread cautiously.

People are hurting, people are unhappy and are developing high blood pressure on the outcome of the elections.Continue Reading>>>

He should let the process in the courts give people the means to vent their frustrations.

For this man to go and say that the case should be withdrawn from the Tribunal, he seems not to have an idea of the consequences of what he is doing.

I recently held a program with Fela Durotoye on the issue of trauma healing, and I can tell you for free that Nigerians are really traumatized. And if care isn’t taken, this widespread trauma could lead to a situation of insanity.

I think that guy should tread cautiously. And on the issue of Peter Obi and the Obidient Movement, is something that involves the youths.

And these angry youths need to be handled with some level of caution.

They are frustrated with the current Nigerian system. So, Apapa coming out to try and truncate the process like this, he is playing a very dangerous game.

I want to call on his family to tread cautiously. Just see how he embarrassed himself in court.”


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