“I Urge The LP To Sue Apapa For Impersonation” – Ajufo

A Labour Party member named Delly Ajufo has made it known that Chief Lamidi Apampa is misrepresenting himself as the party’s interim national chairman. Continue Reading>>>

As evidenced by his absence from accompanying the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to the election petition tribunal, Ajufo claimed in an interview that Apampa’s claim is untrue.

Ajufo disclosed Apampa’s plan to grab control of the Labour Party apparatus and revoke Obi’s petition that contested Bola Tinubu‘s legal victory. Apampa doesn’t acknowledge Obi’s intelligence and ingenuity, though. Continue Reading>>>

Peter Obi and the Labour Party jointly filed the petition against Tinubu, according to Ajufo. Therefore, the case will go forward even if the party chooses to withdraw from the petition. According to Ajufo, if Apampa had actually been in charge of the Labour Party, he would have stood by Peter Obi’s side in court and provided moral support.

Apampa doesn’t appear to care much about this element, though. Ajufo thinks Apapa’s ultimate objective is to seize control of the Labour Party and eventually congratulate Tinubu, which would lead to the tribunal petition being withdrawn.

Ajufo underlined that Peter Obi, being a cunning person, is accustomed to such circumstances. Peter Obi has individually submitted his own petition, therefore even if the Labour Party tries to get it withdrawn, no one can do so on his behalf. I urge the labour party to sue Apampa for impersonation, I don’t see the reason why we been so gentle about it.

In a situation where 2 people go to court, both of them no the truth. We know who is telling a lie, and we know who is on the path of truth.

The person on trial or the body on trial is the judiciary. We are expecting the judiciary the gauge the mood of the election and build the path of justice. We have brought the matter to the people of Nigeria.

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