“You’re in the Senate as a child of God, you need to speak when laws are made against God”- Pst Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche, the leader of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, addressed his congregation in a Facebook video titled “Voice for the Kingdom.” During his speech, he expressed his concern about certain Senators in Nigeria who claim to be Christians but, in his opinion, behave worse than the devil.  Continue Reading>>>

Pastor Enenche attributed this criticism to their passive approach in the Senate, where they witness laws being enacted that go against God and the church without taking any action. Drawing inspiration from the biblical account of Joseph of Arimathea, who became the voice for the kingdom of God after Jesus’ death, he highlighted the importance of speaking up for one’s faith.

In the video, he emphasized that Joseph of Arimathea stood as an authoritative figure when everyone else abandoned Christ.

In the context of the Senate, Pastor Enenche urged Christian Senators to exercise their voice and influence when laws contradict the principles of God.  Continue Reading>>>

He specifically called out those Senators who profess Christianity but fail to take action against laws that are detrimental to God and the church. According to him, these individuals passively observe the persecution of the church and the implementation of decisions that oppose their faith, yet remain inactive. Pastor Enenche made it clear that he was referring to individuals who possess the ability to be strong advocates for the kingdom of God.


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