“Did You Know We’re Not Supposed To Fear The Devil?’— Kenneth Copeland

The scriptures say concerning believer’s authority in Isaiah 54:17 that, they have been given the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the powers of the enemy and nothing, shall by any means hurt them—this is a very great assurance, that pitches anyone who is genuinely following the Lord in the spirit and truth, over the devil, and all his evil cohorts.  CONTINUE READING>>>>

But sometimes, believers might find this not so assuring because of their faithlessness.

Whereas, God had made them prevail over the enemy.

On this, Pastor Kenneth Copeland, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Texas based Kenneth Copeland Ministries, has shared on his official Facebook page a message he delivered on why believers must revert to God, while they should see the devil as nothing.CONTINUE READING>>>>

As shared by the cleric, he has asked rhetorically in his words, as a believer, did you know we are not supposed to fear the devil? The only one we are supposed to fear is God. Also, we are to have so much reverence and respect for God that we would immediately make any adjustment in our lives just to please Him.

As believers, we are supposed to view God in such a way that, when He tells us to do something that looks risky from a natural point of view, we ought to be more afraid of what we will miss if we do not obey Him than of what will happen if we do.CONTINUE READING>>>>

In other words, when He tells you that you are more than a conqueror, and instructs you to march in and take back some part of your life the devil has stolen, you should not sit around debating about whether or not you can do it, rather, you should get yourself prepared and just start marching.

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