HEALTH!:Medical Benefits Of consuming sugar

According to MayoClinic,Our bodies need one type of sugar, called glucose, to survive. “Glucose is the number one food for the brain, and it’s an extremely important source of fuel throughout the body,” says Dr. Kristina Rother, an NIH pediatrician, and expert on sweeteners. Continue Reading>>>

However, here are the health benefits of eating sugar.


You will get an immediate burst of energy from the sugar


Why do you think parents have the rule of not allowing their kids to eat anything with sugar in it before going to bed? It’s because sugar can provide you with an immediate burst of energy which is bad for kids before their bedtime, but great for adults who are feeling a wave of tiredness.Continue Reading>>>

Let’s say you are preparing for a triathlon in Dubai and are trying to muster up the energy for a workout after a long day at work.

  1. A sugary treat could help by giving you the immediate energy you need.Continue Reading>>>


Sugar helps with low blood pressure


Are you suffering from low blood pressure? Then I am sure you know by now that you are strongly advised to carry packets of sugar cubes with you at all times.

If you feel like a blackout from low blood pressure is coming, then just consume some sugar. It’s important to have a candy bar on hand after a vigorous class of power yoga Dubai, for example.

One of the main benefits of sugar is that it can raise your blood pressure immediately.

Likewise, if you have high blood pressure, you are advised to keep your sugar intake in moderation.

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