Stunning and Astonishing Fashion Moments From Female Celebrities For The Week

It is hard to go a week without finding fashion moments to drool over. In this article, we have gathered some stunning and astonishing fashion moments from female celebrities for the week. Continue Reading>>>>

1. Mercy Eke: she was seen in a colorful two-piece outfit, and it blended with her skin tone. She was seen in a blue-colored top worn over a pink short. The top was made from chiffon material with wools of different colors attached. Some of the wools are pink, which blended with her short and jewelry (earrings).

She carried a cute white handbag, which completes the color combination.Continue Reading>>>>

2. Diane Russet: the beautiful celebrity was seen in a light blue lace gown, and it was well-styled and gave the Owambe feeling. It is made from a Victorian corset style, but from the chest to the shoulder region, and the sleeves were styled with a net.

The chiffon used to make the corset was extended to the sleeves. It is a colorful and beautiful style that can be tried at any Owambe event. The Gele and handbag were used to wrap up the whole outfit.

3. Nini: the reality TV star was seen in a long sleeveless and tube-like style.

It is a Demi corset style made from a brown material and infused into a long cream-colored skirt. The skirt is an overlapped style, which has some ruched style at the waist region. Such a colorful and nice combination that can be recreated.

4. Khole: the reality TV star wore a long black off-shoulder gown. It was made from two materials, a suede and chiffon material, to form the lower part and the upper part of the gown. The upper region has some ruffles which form the off-shoulder, and the suede material was used to style the long skirt, which has a long and deep slit at the side of the gown.

She complemented the appearance with a touch of white in her jewelry pieces.

5. Ini Edo: the popular Nigerian actress wore a simple two-piece outfit. She was seen in a patterned shirt which she wore over a high-waisted palazzo trouser.

Then she carried a cute white handbag, which complemented the shirt and the trouser.

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