INEC is criticized by Kenneth Okonkwo for opposing live streaming of COA proceedings

An Actor and politician from Nigeria, Kenneth Okonkwo, recently expressed his surprise at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for opposing live streaming the activities of the Coalition of Accredited Observers (COA).Continue Reading>>>

The opposition to live streaming, according to prominent figure and outspoken individual Okonkwo, raises questions about the integrity of the commission. He claims INEC is trying to hide hidden secrets.

“I am surprised that INEC, which ought to be craving for live streaming of the proceedings in the COA, is opposing the live streaming,” Okonkwo wrote in a tweet. Nigerians should know, otherwise why object when there must be many skeletons in their closet“.Continue Reading>>>

For Nigeria’s elections to be transparent and fair, the COA, an independent body made up of authorized observers, must be in charge of monitoring the electoral process. Okonkwo emphasizes the importance of the public being well-informed and having access to real-time updates on the electoral process by arguing for live streaming of COA proceedings.

Nigerians’ concerns about the openness of INEC’s operations are growing, as evidenced by Okonkwo’s statement. In the past, allegations of electoral fraud and weakened integrity have been leveled against INEC, a key institution in charge of overseeing the country’s election process. Okonkwo’s tweet therefore struck a chord with many Nigerians who think that live streaming the COA proceedings would help to rebuild public confidence in the electoral process.


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