TRENDING!: 2face Said In Front Of His Wife That Men Are Wired To Cheat On Their Partners – Reactions

A video which shows the moment Nigerian singer, Innocent Idibia who’s best known as 2face was seen defending why some men cheat on their wives is causing dozens of mixed reactions on social media. This is because in the video, 2face was sitted next to his wife, Annie Idibia as he explains why men cheat on their partners.  Continue Reading>>>

The award winning singer said in the video that a man can really love his wife and still cheat on her because men are “wired” that way. He said in the video that a man could cheat on his wife with someone but still wouldn’t have anything to do with that person.

He was however interrupted by Annie who asked him if he’s referring to himself or men in general.Continue Reading>>>

Their conversation in the video is as follows;

2face: “Like it or not men are wired like that, a man would love a woman to hell but maybe he’s somewhere, his manhood would just decide something and he would have sexual intercourse, but he would not give a f*ck about that person, he just want to sort it out.”

Annie: “Are you talking about generally or you’re talking about yourself.”

2face: “It is what I believe.”

Annie: “Is that you or is that your belief?”Continue Reading>>>

(Annie and 2face during the conversation)

2face was having the conversation at a dinner table with Annie and some media personalities sitted with them when he made the statement. The video was however followed by dozens of mixed reactions as it was shared on Twitter.

A Twitter user wrote; “I think Annie Idibia is beginning to understand what 2face is about. If she was in denial before, she heard him loud and clear. She should face her reality as it is and not as she wishes it was. This one loud.”

Another wrote; “One thing is to cheat another thing is to rub it on your partner’s face. The society has normalized cheating for men that some of them even feel they have the right to cheat. God make such men far away from us.”

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