VERY HOT!: Chika Ike Causes A Stir With New Photos VIA Ig

Chika Ike is a Nollywood actress and a fashionista with a good fashion sense. She recently shared some photos of herself in Cannes film festival, and her appearance captured the attention of her fans online.  Continue Reading>>>

Chika Ike loves entertaining her fans with her unique dressing style, and her recent outfit gave her a snazzy look. She’s wearing a corset gown, and it displayed her curvy body shape.

Her gown is sewn in an artistic style and the upper part is designed with golden design. The hand of her gown is sewn in a long sleeve style, and they down part has a dripping design as well.Continue Reading>>>

Chika Ike’s accessories complimented her outfit and it enhanced the beauty of her appearance.

Her posture is snazzy and her makeup is neatly applied. She was present at Cannes film festival and her outfit was top notch. Her Bob hairstyle is beautiful and it suits her face shape. Chika Ike captioned her post saying;

Top notch, top spot, top tier”.

Some of her fans reacted to her post online. Check out some comments below.

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