I tried educating some of the people calling for the “Election Petitions-Keyamo” more than a week ago

Festus Keyamo, a well-known APC member and the group’s lead spokesperson for the impending 2023 presidential election, has reacted to Labour Party presidential contender Peter Obi. During the petition hearing at the presidential election petition tribunal, where Bola Tinubu’s win is being contested, Obi made a request to the judges. Continue Reading>>>>

According to Keyamo, he earlier made an attempt to inform Mr. Obi’s supporters who were pressing for a speedy decision of the petitions before the presidential tribunal before Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29. Their objective was to stop a candidate from assuming the presidency who they thought lost the election.

However, he said that they never paid attention and that even the so-called erudite used the chance to criticise him by using any well-known insult. The Labour Party’s presidential candidate has asked the appeal court for a seven-week delay, which has dispelled any initial concerns about him. In contrast to the Independent National Electoral Commission’s announcement of Tinubu as the winner, this extension will enable him to produce 50 witnesses who will attest to his victory in the election on February 25. Continue Reading>>>>

He wrote: “More than a week ago, I tried to educate some of those calling for the ‘ instant’ determination of the Presidential Election Petitions before May 29th that it is even the Petitioners that would need more time to prove their cases. Shockingly, some supposedly ‘ learned’ fellows goaded the mob to believe otherwise. Now, they can see the process as it unfolds IN REALITY.”

“In the fullness of time, we shall separate the truths from the fantasies.”

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