If We Can’t Make Our Case in Court, At Least Let’s Check Out What’s Going on There – Onaiyekan

In a post on his verified Twitter account, Reno Omokri alleged that if the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Gregory Obi says that he won the presidential election, why those he needs seven weeks to provide witnesses for the Supreme Court.Continue Reading>>>

He stated that he knows that many people want to ask the same question, but they are afraid of cyber bulling.

Recall that, Kenneth Okonkwo had stated that that the Supreme Court asked the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Gregory Obi and the Labour Party legal team to present fifty witnesses in court, who will testify for thirty minutes supporting the Labour Party’s petition against the outcome of the presidential election.Continue Reading>>>

He alleged that the Supreme Court had given the Labour Party enough time before proceedings for the case, and the Labour Party wants an additional seven weeks to provide evidence. However, he stated If the Labour Party have not found witnesses by now, why did they conclude that they won the election?

He said, “This is funny, but people would rather not talk because they fear being cyberbullied. For months, you have been shouting and screaming at the top of your voice that you won the election. When the court now gave you an opportunity to prove your case, you said you needed seven weeks to find witnesses. If you have not found witnesses by now, how do you know that you won the election?”

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