Nothing will stop May 29 inauguration, Tinubu’s victory is the will of God- Prophet Iginla

In a recent interview, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the General Overseer of the Champions Royal Assembly, has revealed that nothing will stop May 29 inauguration with affirmation that Tinubu’s victory is will of God.Continue Reading>>>

According to reports by PM news, Iginla explained that his declaration of God’s will in this matter is rooted in his firm belief in what he claims God revealed to him back in 2020. It is worth noting that although his personal preference for the presidency is Peter Obi, he still feels compelled to convey the divine message regarding Tinubu’s victory.

During the interview, Iginla also offered more information about his connection with Tinubu and his perspective on the ongoing presidential tribunal. When asked whether he has personally met Tinubu, Iginla responded, “I have never met him before, I have never seen him before. I tried to distance myself from politicians. When it comes to the issue of what God spoke to me, I stand my ground.” He emphasized his commitment to adhering to God’s word and cited his track record of accurate prophecies in various nations, including Zambia and Kenya.Continue Reading>>>

Iginla further elaborated on the prophetic aspect and his unique encounters with God. He shared that his unwavering faith stems from a personal encounter with Jesus, wherein the Lord appeared to him. According to Iginla, when God speaks, he can discern His voice. Acknowledging that no election is perfect, he urged politicians to respect the outcome of the 2023 elections and prioritize the unity of Nigeria over personal ambitions.

Expressing his personal opinion, Iginla stated, “Of the truth, I have declared the mind of God. And personally, I believe Tinubu will do well.” He highlighted Tinubu’s ability to assemble a competent team of technocrats with a sound understanding of the economy, emphasizing his effectiveness as a team player. Iginla acknowledged that Tinubu may face challenges, including persecution and attempts to undermine his governance, but he believes these obstacles will not deter him.

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