I can swear I have never stolen a Kobo from the government – El-Rufai

Swear you didn't steal, build houses, El-Rufai challenges ex-Kaduna govs - Vanguard News

Nasir El- Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has urged his predecessors to get forward and swear on the Holy Qur’an that they did not embezzle money from the government while they held office. Continue Reading>>>

In a media interview on Sunday, the governor of Kaduna State stated that he is prepared to do so.

He was responding to remarks made about his job performance by former governor Ahmed Makarfi, one of his predecessors.Continue Reading>>>

Makarfi recently expressed concern over El- Rufai’ s administration’ s decision to provide notice to demolish buildings that housed nine of his firms.

According to PM NEWS, El- Rufai, however, accused some of his predecessors of utilizing monies they stole from the public coffers while they were in power to buy villas in Kaduna and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, without explicitly mentioning Makarfi.

On the other hand, the departing governor asserted that since he was chosen to lead Kaduna in 2015, he has not embezzled a single kobo from the government’ s coffers.

He referenced the fact that he still resides in the one house he constructed in Kaduna prior to becoming governor.

He claimed that this was in contrast to an unnamed former governor who reportedly used stolen money while in office to construct a residence on Jabi Road in the historic city.

The governor also bragged about how well- made his projects were and how long they would last.

” I am pleased with what we have seen, ” El- Rufai remarked. “We will spend years appreciating the job we have already begun and its high caliber. They did not build the kind of roads that would become unusable after two rainy seasons. We are performing these tasks with excellence. ”

” I only had one house when I was elected governor of Kaduna, located at Ungwan Sarki on Danja Road, and I still only have that one house as I conclude my term to the glory of God. Because I don’ t need a mansion, I didn’t build one. ”

Source: PM News

” I didn’ t steal anyone’ s money, and I’ m putting it out there for everyone who controlled this state to likewise come up and swear in front of the Qur’ an that, while they were in office, they didn’ t steal a single kobo of Kaduna resources that weren’ t their rightful share. “

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