Manchester United: “Special night,” but to win the WSL title, the Red Devils “need a miracle”

Gift Orban, the talented striker from Gent, has taken a dig at Arsenal, suggesting that their lack of ambition to win trophies could deter him from joining the club. With the 20-year-old attracting interest from several Premier League clubs, Arsenal had been hoping to add him to their ranks. However, Orban has expressed his preference for clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, or Manchester City. Continue Reading>>>>

In his statement, Orban criticized Arsenal, stating that they appear content with playing and selling players without a genuine desire to win titles. He expressed his aspirations of joining a club that consistently competes for and wins trophies, citing Real Madrid as an example of a team focused on securing titles rather than relying solely on possession-based football.

While it is disappointing for Arsenal to receive such comments, it highlights a perception among some players that the club lacks the competitiveness needed to attract top talents. However, the article suggests that Arsenal’s progress in the Premier League this season could help change this perception in the near future. Continue Reading>>>>

To regain their standing as an attractive destination for top players, it is crucial for Arsenal to not only demonstrate progress on the pitch but also retain their best players. This will send a strong message that the club is determined to compete at the highest level.

While Orban may be highly regarded in Belgium, it is important to remember that success in one league does not guarantee an impact in another. The Premier League presents a different level of competition and challenges, and it remains to be seen how Orban’s career will unfold.

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