What Happened At The Court Of Appeal Is What Can Be Called ‘ Mob Action ‘- Prof Ikechukwu

Professor Okey Ikechukwu has responded to the incident involving Mr. Lamidi at the court of appeal.  Continue Reading>>>

It is widely known that the interim national chairman faced disapproval from a group of supporters at the court following his arrival for the presidential election petition case.

During an interview on Arise TV, Ikechukwu addressed the matter, stating that what occurred can be categorized as mob action. Continue Reading>>>

He emphasized that individuals who suggested that Peter Obi should have managed the crowd during the incident were misguided in their perspective.

In a viral video, when the interviewer mentioned, “People are suggesting that Obi could have intervened to prevent the OBIdients from attacking Lamidi,”

Professor Okey responded by stating, “The people are asking the wrong question. If approximately 23 individuals conspire to ambush someone at the court, should the chairman be held accountable? No! This is what we refer to as mob action. When they mention Peter controlling the OBIdients, where does that occur?”

Click on the link below and watch the video starting from 16:30 minutes mark.


Source: Twitter.

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