Festus Keyamo applauds Dokubo’s effort in mobilizing Niger Delta Youths

In a surprising turn of events, prominent lawyer and former spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress Presidential campaign council, Festus Keyamo, has publicly commended Asari Dokubo, former President of the Ijaw Youth Council of Nigeria, for his efforts in mobilizing the youth of the Niger Delta region in support of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ s legal battle.  Continue Reading>>>

The victory of Tinubu in the presidential election held on February 25th has faced staunch opposition as both Mr. Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar, representing the LP and the Peoples Democratic Party, are respectively challenging the election results at the presidential election petition tribunal in Abuja.The petitioners, who claim victory in the election that has been surrounded by controversy, have been relentless in their pursuit of overturning the declaration of Tinubu as the winner. Notably, peaceful protests have taken place outside the Appeal Court in Abuja, with various civil society groups voicing their concerns and urging the judges to uphold justice.

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However, it was just yesterday (Monday), that a video surfaced, capturing the intense solidarity displayed by a group of protesters allegedly brought in by Asari Dokubo. The impassioned youths could be heard chanting in support of the president- elect, their fervor reverberating through the video.

Festus Keyamo, impressed by the mobilization orchestrated by Dokubo, took to social media to express his admiration, stating, ” Ground force’ (metaphorically speaking) from the creeks organized by my long- time brother and friend Mujahid Asari- Dokubo in support of the swearing- in of @officialABAT. ”

Keyamo’ s endorsement of Dokubo’ s efforts comes as a surprise to many, as the two individuals have often found themselves on opposing sides of political debates in the past. However, this display of unity and support highlights the gravity of the situation and the importance of standing together for what they believe is the rightful outcome of the election.

As the legal battle continues to unfold, the mobilization of the Niger Delta youth under the guidance of Asari Dokubo adds a new dimension to the proceedings. Their presence and unwavering support for Tinubu serve as a testament to the widespread belief in his victory and the desire for justice to prevail.

While the outcome of the legal proceedings remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the efforts of Asari Dokubo and the solidarity of the Niger Delta youth have garnered attention and sparked a renewed sense of determination among those fighting for Tinubu’ s cause. As the tribunal hears the arguments and evidence presented by both parties, the eyes of the nation remain fixed on the outcome, eagerly awaiting the resolution of this contentious and closely watched legal battle.

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