For Lalong’s release, Tinubu has ordered that Fashola submit authentic land records

Popular Nigerian author Sam Omatseye claimed in a post on his Facebook page that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the next president, urged Fashola and Osinbajo to create original land paperwork for Lalong’s release when they denied him bail for Simon Lalong. Continue Reading>>>>

The President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the governor of Lagos State at the time, called Fashola, the chief of staff at the time, and Osinbajo, the attorney general of Lagos State at the time, to make original land documents so Lalong could be released, he claimed. As a result, they had denied Lalong bail because the land documents were not original.

He claimed that while the land paperwork were original because they were signed by the Lagos State Government, they were unable to stop releasing Lalong. Omatseye, however, is adamant that Lalong would not have been released if Bola Ahmed Tinubu had not processed the papers. Continue Reading>>>>

According to him, “It was Tinubu who saved them. No bail was working, according to the EFCC, because those who provided land documents were allegedly using fabricated proof. Fashola and Osinbajo were therefore invited by Asiwaju. Osinbajo served as the state’s attorney general for Lagos. As chief of staff, Fashola was in charge. In order to save them, he asked them to prepare land documents, which they dutifully accomplished. They were unable to contest the legitimacy of land documents that the Lagos State administration had signed.


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