Southern women’s organization requests Tinubu to revoke his support of Akpabio for the office of Senate President

South South Women Compatriot has sent a request to President- elect Bola Tinubu, requesting that he does not support Godswill Akpabio’ s candidature for the office of Senate President. In a statement released following a meeting in Abuja, the women’ s organization voiced reservations about Akpabio’ s eligibility for such an important leadership job due to charges of corruption. Continue Reading>>>>

Dr. Imma Ubong, the National Women Leader of the group, highlighted their stance by demanding that Akpabio confront the charges of corruption against him by surrendering himself to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for inquiry. The EFCC is an agency that investigates economic and financial crimes.

According to LEARDERSHIP NEWS, they emphasized the importance of preventing people who have been accused of corruption from holding positions of authority where laws are enacted for the nation. Concerned about the credibility of Nigeria’ s top leadership, the South South Women Compatriots issued an appeal to Ahmed Bola Tinubu, urging him to elaborate on his stance and put some distance between himself and Akpabio. Continue Reading>>>>

They emphasized how important it was to have persons who were serious and accountable in leadership roles in the Senate, particularly given the difficult times the country is going through and they emphasized that Tinubu’ s choice to back Akpabio would have repercussions that would reach far into the future.

The women issued a stern challenge to Tinubu and the other individuals, warning them that if they did not withdraw their support for Akpabio within seven days, they would participate in a scheduled demonstration in Abuja while baring their breasts to drive home the point that they wanted a change in decision.

Tinubu was encouraged by the South South Women Compatriot to take into consideration the nation’ s current debt issue as well as the requirement for serious- minded leaders in the National Assembly to steer Nigeria towards economic recovery and prosperity.

In conclusion, The organisation pleaded with Tinubu to rethink his decision to endorse Akpabio and emphasised that the individual is not qualified to hold the office of Senate President, The statement was published jointly by Dr. Imma Ubong, the National Women’ s Leader, and many important state women leaders, including Mrs. Mary Ogbebor, Mrs. Ijeoma Anya, Chief Mrs. Abinla Alabrabra, Mrs. Biobele Abbey, and Mrs. Idara Okon.


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