Oseni Rufai asks when Africans would stop letting the West run them over

In a thought-provoking tweet, Oseni Rufai raises a critical question that resonates with many Africans: When will we stop allowing the West to exploit us and take charge of our own destiny? Rufai draws attention to the aftermath of Brexit, where the UK opened its borders to Africa to fulfill its needs, only to retract once their objectives were achieved. This scenario highlights the importance of African leaders recognizing their own power and potential. Continue Reading>>>

It is high time for our leaders to exhibit wisdom and empower Africa. Africa possesses abundant resources, a vibrant workforce, and immense untapped potential. By nurturing domestic industries, fostering innovation, and investing in education, our leaders can build a self-reliant Africa that competes on equal footing globally.



The key lies in collective action, as governments, civil society, and individuals need to unite in a shared vision of progress. Africa must leverage its strengths, negotiate equitable partnerships, and assert its interests in international arenas. Only then can we break free from the cycle of dependency and become architects of our own fate. Continue Reading>>>


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