Garba Shehu Defends Buhari’s Niger Republic Comment

The administration has defended its remarks regarding the Niger Republic. In the event that Nigerians criticize him after his May 29 inauguration, President Muhammadu Buhari previously stated that the Niger Republic would protect him.  Continue Reading>>>

To the benefit of Nigerians, the Channel TV news platform published a report about this incident on their Facebook page on Thursday.

In any case, Garba Shehu has explained away the problem that Buhari isn’t loyal to the nation. He expressed his views in an interview with Channel TV’s Sunrise Daily.  Continue Reading>>>

He said, “No, that is not at all the case. He can laugh at himself, which helps him to defuse tension. The President’s sense of humor still needs to be accepted by Nigerians, even after eight years. “Nigerians are taking the idea of visiting the Niger Republic far too seriously. “.

However, in response to Garba Shehu’s statement, Facebook staff members expressed their opinions, and the media did the same.

Below is a list of screenshots for some of the responses.

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